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How do I change the beneficiary on my life insurance policy or annuity?

To make an online change of beneficiary, a State Farm® customer must log in. Only the authenticated policy owner can change a beneficiary.

You may complete a beneficiary change online for the following State Farm policies:

  • Guaranteed Income Now annuity
  • Guaranteed Income Later annuity
  • Guaranteed Issue Final Expense life insurance

The functionality to change your life insurance or annuity beneficiary online is not currently available in California or New York. If you are a customer in one of these states, contact your local State Farm agent.

For more information about changing the beneficiary on any life insurance policy or an annuity, contact your local State Farm agent.

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Which policies can I change online?

If you are considering making a beneficiary change, log in to access the polices listed below.

Annuity products

  • Guaranteed Income Now annuity
  • Guaranteed Income Later annuity

Life products

  • Guaranteed Issue Final Expense life insurance

Frequently asked questions about life insurance changes

While it looks like quite a few steps, each is fairly simple.

  1. Log in with you user name and password
  2. Locate the policy you want to make a beneficiary change
  3. Click on the policy
  4. Locate the Beneficiaries card
  5. Click “View or edit your beneficiaries”
  6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  7. Select which beneficiary you want to start with (primary or secondary) if applicable
  8. Edit, add, or remove beneficiaries
  9. Adjust allocations, if needed
  10. Review changes on life beneficiary form
  11. Sign through Docusign
  12. Submit changes

For online changes, a relationship type is required when adding an individual. Other types of beneficiaries that are NOT available online but are available via an Agent are Trusts, Organizations, Children Class, and UTMA/UGMA. Children class can be removed or edited online, but not added. Trust, organizations and UTMA/UGMA can be viewed online but changes cannot be made.

What to consider when choosing a beneficiary

It can be as simple as who’s in line.

A primary beneficiary receives the death benefit money when the insured dies. A primary beneficiary is required.

A secondary beneficiary, also known as the successor beneficiary, receives the death benefit money if there are no living primary beneficiaries when the insured dies. A secondary beneficiary is optional.

Please note that you cannot have the same beneficiary as a primary and a successor. Also, if an estate is listed as the primary, a secondary is not allowed.  

If you're considering making changes to your life insurance policy, we strongly urge you to contact your State Farm agent. Your agent will be happy to assist you.

In a nutshell, term life is for temporary coverage while permanent Life is for lifetime coverage. 

You can purchase a relatively large amount of term life insurance for a low initial premium for needs like:

  • Home mortgage
  • Outstanding debt
  • Educational expenses
  • Auto loan

Meanwhile permanent life insurance offers a level premium for a coverage amount you choose. It provides lifetime coverage, provided premiums are paid and the coverage remains in force, and builds cash value. It's best for lifelong needs like:

  • Loved one's financial needs
  • Final expenses
  • Estate planning
  • Contributions to charity
  • Business legacy
  • Access to accumulated cash value

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